Ducky DK9008 Shine 2 Review


Brand: Ducky
Model: Ducky DK9008 Shine 2
RRP: £149.99


Ducky are a well known brand in the mechanical keyboard market, with a wide range of high quality and customisable keyboards, including full sized boards and TenKeyLess (TKL). They are relatively new to the European peripherals market, making their first appearance in the UK in 2012 and the Nordics this year. The Ducky brand of keyboards are focused on quality over form, providing a wealth of features and functions, which also means they are renowned for not being the cheapest keyboards on the market – perhaps a trade-off for the level of quality you are getting.

The keyboard I have in for review today is Ducky’s current flagship model; the DK9008 Shine 2. At approximately £149.99 it puts the keyboard at the very top end of the mechanical keyboard market, with little, or very few other brands above it. This particular model has Cherry MX Black switches, which are a slightly stiffer version of MX Reds, they are the preferred choice for gamers. The keyboard also features a full compliment of blue LEDs, with numerous lighting options, which I’ll take a closer look at later.


  • PCB two-sided routing, safety guaranteed
  • A removable mini USB connector
  • Illuminated keyboard, charming and fascinating
  • Standard Lighting Modes: Full Backlit, 60% Backlit & Selected Keys Backlit (with 2 Configurable Profiles)
  • Reactive Mode – Keys light up when depressed
  • Laser Printed Keycaps, UV Coated
  • On/Off Dip Switch to define the functions of the keyboard


  • Switch Type: Cherry MX series
  • Supporting Interface: USB
  • Supporting Keys:6-Key Rollover or N-Key Rollover
  • Print:Double layer laser, engraved keycaps
  • Levels Of Brightness:6 levels
  • Lighting Modes:Full Backlit, 60% Backlit & Selected Keys Backlit(with 2 Configurable Profiles)
  • Lighting Effects: Pulsing, Reactive & Scrolling text marquee
  • Multimedia Keys:7 keys
  • Able to adjust LED brightness modes:60%、Full Backlit、Reactive、Selected Keys Backlit
  • Unable to adjust LED brightness modes:Pulsing、Scrolling text marquee

As you can see the Shine 2 has a plethora of features, so lets now take a look at the keyboard.

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