ASUS ROG Announces 2016 OC Showdown and RealBench Challenge! 3

Asus Announce the New ROG STRIX H270I

ASUS have just announced the new Republic of Gamers (ROG) STRIX H270I socket LGA1151 motherboard.

Overclocking CPU Frequency on H87 and B85 Motherboards Made Possible with ASRock’s Non-Z OC

TAIPEI, TAIWAN, June 27, 2013 – Who ever said that only K series CPUs and the Z-family platform are capable of being overclocked? The...
team rog ram 1

Team Group Announces the T-FORCE DARK Series Memory with Asus ROG Certification

Team Group, the world’s leading memory brand, today officially announces the launch of the popular ASUS ROG certified memory product, the T-FORCE DARK memory. ROG (Republic Of Gamers) is a gaming brand established in 2006.
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ASUS Announces the M32 Multimedia Desktop PC

ASUS today announced M32, a new high-value desktop computer that features a choice between discrete NVIDIA GeForce or AMD Radeon graphics for immersive gaming...
Team Fordzilla Recruitment Event Poster Feature

Esports: New Fordzilla UK Team Launched and Recruiting

Ford launched their newest esports team, Fordzilla UK, to complement their existing European teams based in Germany, France, Spain and Italy and starts recruitment drive.

Sharp Announces The New Windows 8.1 Pro Tablet

This week Sharp have announced a new tablet. The tablet will run Windows 8.1 Pro operating system and will be called the Sharp RW-16G1.
Kolink Inspire K2 and K3 Feature

Kolink Inspire K2 / K3Now Available at Overclockers UK

Introducing the latest additions to the Kolink Inspire range, the K2 & K3 Micro-ATX cases with RGB and tempered glass side panels, and great value at £32.99.
Best Online Casino 2018

Which is The Best Online Casino Game?

People have been gambling since the beginning of human history, obviously, in time we have adapted and changed how we bet, however essentially the... logo

StarTech Announces Two New Products

0, a leading manufacturer of hard-to-find connectivity parts, has announced the availability of two new products designed to make it easier for users to charge multiple mobile devices simultaneously – the 7-Port USB Charging Station (ST7CU35122), and the USB 3.0 Hub (ST4300U3C3)
Halo 5” Headlines Greatest Holiday Games Line-up in Xbox History 2

Halo 5” Headlines Greatest Holiday Games Line-up in Xbox History

This morning at the Xbox E3 briefing, Microsoft Corp. showcased an extraordinary line up of Xbox One-exclusive titles and announced backward compatibility, fuelling the greatest games line up in Xbox history