Caselogic Surefit Rotating Universal Folio Tablet Case Review 9

Today we take  a closer look at the Caselogic Surefit Universal Folio case, and in a world filled with different designs its rare to find something innovative especially in a sector of the market that is flooded with so many products. Cases are something that every tablet owner should own given the increase in power and the sheer cost of some products, and why wouldn’t you want to keep your product safe for longer? Caselogic are one of my favourite companies for innovation and I simply loved a bag from them I reviewed not so long ago because of all the little things Caselogic added which created immense value to the product. I was twiddling my thumbs before this product arrived wondering what Caselogic would have added into this product to make it stand apart from all the other cases on the market given their pedigree and here it is.


Starting with the exterior packaging, I’d say it’s well packaged and lets you quickly know some of the features. This is the 10″ version of the case, however it does come in a smaller version and it does support a plethora of brands.


The exterior of the product might seem slightly odd at first glance however the case folds in such a manner that these become feet for the case to stand on. For some strange reason my camera decided the case is actually blue when it’s black, but I really liked the aesthetic design and it almost felt like suede.


At the bottom of the main panel of the tablet case on the inside you can see two sturdy hooks that keep the bottom of the tablet snug. However I must admit it is a first to see actual stitching used to secure the hooks which is very rare given the amount of cheap rushed cases on the market that simply don’t compare to the quality of the SureFit.


Above the hooks at the bottom you can find a rubber holder that extends over the top two edges of the tablet ensuring a good grip. I did mess around with a few of the tablets I own and all of them seemed secure, but basically the rubber corners extend over the tablet to provide a snug fit.


If you want to quickly get your tablet out you can use it in this orientation, but if you fold the underlying part of the case upwards it forms an incredibly strong base. But I found using it normally like below it seemed to be great to quickly get out on the go.



The simplicity of attaching a tablet was something that sold this product for me. It was a simple to setup and easy to use product, which is something I hold highly when reviewing products that at the end of the day is quite simple. Most of all I really liked that Caselogic has done something different with such a stagnant market. With the SureFit case you can use your tablet in both landscape and portrait orientations. These small features make this such an awesome little tablet case to take around with you regardless of what you need a case for. Sometimes you need to read a book, or even your emails on the go, the portrait mode simply adds more functionality that you don’t get with other products.


In terms of all the other things we seek in a tablet case, it provides a stylish way to keep your product protected during daily use. The way the tablet is held in does mean that there will most likely never be an issue with the tablet falling out of its case, and at the same time the thin padding is very stiff which helps prevent the case from bending. The other feature I loved about this case was simply the ability to charge your device without taking it out of the case, which might seem silly but so many companies do forget that occasionally electronical devices do require charging.

Now the pricing of this product is the first thing I feel people are going to notice because this product is very expensive in comparison to other products on the market. Now I feel the price can be justified because of the sheer quality you don’t get with most of the products on the market. So yes this is an expensive product, but I really feel this product will outlast the usual run of the mill £10 tablet cases that seem to be multiplying on the market making it difficult to keep track of awesome products like the Caselogic Surefit Rotate tablet case. Overall this is a spot on product and I’m happy to give it he coveted “Gold Award”. .

Aesthetically pleasing, works very well, with zero configuration means I give our Gold Award. Good job guys

  • Performance
  • Design
  • Value


– Looks awesome
– Amazing design
– Possibly one of the best tablet cases on the market

– Quite expensive

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