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All in one controllers have been around for years and they vary in quality. If you were to go to the local pound store and pick one up, you could almost guarantee that it would eventually either break, or only certain features would work.

One For All have recognised this with the Smart Control and there isn’t much they haven’t thought about. The App although frustrating at first, once you get used to it really does make administering the device so much easier.

I think the device is a little on the expensive side, although you do get some good features for your hard earned cash. I like the fact that it is future proof, so you know that even if you upgrade your devices, the remote will continue to work side by side, and it’s nice knowing you dont need 4 or 5 different controllers.

I was a bit suprised to see that the device didn’t come with batteries and that it needs 4x AAA’s to power it. That’s a lot of batteries, but again you get to offset this against the features and convieniences that the remote provides. But overall a very good and sturdy all in one remote if you’re looking to replace a controller or cut down on the amount you need.


  • Performance
  • Design
  • Value



– Easy to use after initial setup
– Future proof via the app
– Good feature set such as the ability to learn and to control multiple devices at the same time
– Smart looking controller


– Is a little on the pricey side
– Would have liked the pairing option on the app to give you slightly longer to pair it to the remote.

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