5 Gbps Broadband anyone? Gigaclear to bring FTTP Internet to UK! 2

Have £399 a month sitting idle? Head on over to Gigaclear’s website and get set up for a solid 5Gbps broadband speed!

Gigaclear, a Oxfordshire based company founded back in 2010, are offering a staggering speed for an even staggering price. The news spread like wildfire as it hit the web, sparking debates at how this is even possible and why the price was so high. From this we decided to explain it in a simple format as possible.

The way Gigaclear broadband works is by running a fibre cable from your local exchange directly to your house compared to traditional methods for fiber users by running the cable between that and multiple sub-connection boxes, seen regularly around the UK and look much like the image below.


The cost to complete this is expected to be high as installation requires a lot of permission from local sources to dig up roads and other public locations to lay the cabling down to your home. But the outcome means the end user can expect to see up to and including speeds of 5Gbps.

If you want to know more about this super speedy internet then head on over to the Gigaclear website and see if you meet the requirements for their mega fibre.

What do you think of the recent information of mega fibre and do you think it is worth the money? An insight into the future of network connections or just a money-making idea that could offer more problems than solutions? Let us know what you think!


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