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28.07.2014, Taipei, Taiwan – Aerocool Advanced Technologies, one of world’s leading manufacturers of excellent gaming PC gear, announces a new member of the GT case series. The GT-A Midi-Tower is aiming for Gamers and DIY enthusiasts seeking a High-End chassis with a superb design and a great cooling concept. Main features include a special top-panel docking station for 2,5 and 3,5 inch drives, built-in 2-channel fan controller, two preinstalled case fans as well as much space and many options for latest high-end hardware.

Aerocool’s GT-A utilizes the unified and futuristic GT series exterior design with the choice between a white and a black version. Both versions are coming with a window in the side-panel, allowing insights on user’s hardware. Aerocool even implemented a really useful docking station into the GT-A’s top panel, which allows easy access to hard drives and SSDs without the hassle of opening the chassis and installing the drive into a vacant bay. The docking station can be accessed by simply sliding down the top-cover.

The inside of the GT-A Midi-Tower is well structured and comes in a dual-color design, where black edition features the colors red and black, while white version combines the colors black and white. The chassis supports common mainboard form factors including ATX, Micro-ATX and Mini-ITX. Latest on-market VGA cards with a maximum length of 310 millimeters and CPU coolers with a total height of up to 165 millimeters can be easily installed. For better usability, GT-A is equipped with several openings in the motherboard tray. One big opening is designated for backplate-based CPU coolers to reduce the hassle during the mounting process. Several additional openings have been put in place to allow more convenient cable management. In order to stop dust from getting inside the PC case, a removable and washable dust filter has been preinstalled underneath the PSU location area and behind the front panel. Two pre-drilled openings with rubber protection for water-cooling pipes are located on the backside of the chassis.

Convenient and fast mounting is assured thanks to Aerocools tool-free mounting mechanism. Users have access to three 5,25 inch bays, which are equipped with special clip-on bay covers for fast removal. Two HDD cages are available for mounting of three 2,5 inch drives and additional three 3,5 inch or 2,5 inch hard drives.


The clean mesh front-panel perfectly matches the futuristic design and provides great cooling capabilities in addition. Users are able to mount up to five case fans inside the chassis. Aerocool supplies two preinstalled 120 mm case fans, where one is located in the front panel and second one in the rear. Both fans are rotating at 1.200 RPM and assure a constant airflow of 36,4 CFM at a noise level of 26,5 dBA. The model in the front of the chassis is equipped with red LEDs. Special shell-like vent structure has been embedded into the top-panel of the GT-A, to improve the airflow and provide a unique look.

The well-equipped I/O panel offers great usability. It includes a USB 3.0 port and two USB 2.0 ports as well as the HD-Audio and Microphone Jack. Aerocool equips the GT-A even with a 2-channel fan controller, allowing users to adjust the fan speed of the built-in fans out of the box.

Aerocool GT-A chassis is available as of today. Manufacturer’s suggested retail price for the GT-A Black Edition is 67,90 EUR and for GT-A White Edition 69,90 EUR (excl. Taxes).

Aerocool GT-A Black Edition – Product Page
Aerocool GT-A White Edition – Product Page

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