Anonymous- #OpISIS Continues....

A few days ago I posted about #OpISIS and how Anonymous was taking action on taking down ISIS recruiting efforts, and we had a huge response with a definite majority of views being the same. I will make sure to keep everyone up to date with this story, Ok back to the article in hand.

Anonymous have said in the last operation ISIS, they showed the world and especially governments, it’s not that hard to fight back ISIS online, so why is no government doing it? Do they not know how? Or do they not want to? Anonymous has called round 3 on #OpISIS, this time calling on Twitter, the US Government and other corporations to act, taking the online threat that ISIS has. Twitter said earlier, that they shut down 1500 ISIS account, so Anonymous have given new accounts, that ISIS members and supporters have created since then. At the end of the video, Anonymous called out Twitter in saying “Now again, we ask you twitter, what are you going to do with these active accounts? Should we also hack them ourselves, or you will take action?”

It is great to see they are pushing for the people that should keep us safe online to do something about one of the biggest threats out there. In a day and age where so much money is spent to close torrent sites and stop some aspects of porn to “keep us safe”. Why is it that so little seems to be being done to stop Terrorists using such a controlled bit of technology? How do you feel on the Anonymous- #OpISIS and do you thing it will change anything?

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