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Mobile vs PC Gambling: Which Will Be More Popular in the Nearest Future?

Mobile vs PC Gambling: Which Will Be More Popular in the Nearest Future?
Best gaming Website

6 Essential Ingredients For a Perfect Gaming Website

There’s no question about it – the world of gaming is a very competitive one. New games are released every day, with new developers cropping up all the time. All the while, the games themselves are getting better, faster and more engaging.

Edge GX1 Aims to Break the Gaming Chair Mold

Edge Products are a new company trying to instruct gamers in the ways of truly ergonomic furniture. Their new chair, the Edge GX1, is one such product but at £899 is it too pricey for the target audience?
DDoS attacks security

Big Data A Cure For DDoS Attacks: Methods

With an approximate 1.2 billion people playing games around the world and 700 million of those opting for online play, game makers across the globe constantly have to provide apt protection from something called a ‘DDoS Attack.’
Google Assistant

How is Google Assistant Becoming More Intuitive?

Smart homes in 2018 are increasingly becoming the norm. Whether we look to technology to help us with how we heat our homes, try out new devices from companies like Nest, or ask Alexa to play our favorite radio show or top 20 hit, we are now living in a world where we rely more and more on technology that doesn't just respond to us, but is actually proactive in terms of knowing what we want through intuition.

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1180 Soon to be Announced?

Could NVIDIA be set to unveil their new 11 series of GeForce graphics cards at the German technology and gaming event, Gamescom? The following was posted on the official NVIDIA website a few days ago, which looks promising for those looking to get their hands on the Turing based cards.
Oculus Rift by theglobalpanorama

11 Great Pieces of Equipment Every Gamer Needs

"Oculus Rift" (CC BY-SA 2.0) by theglobalpanorama Video games are becoming more and more immersive all the time. But whether you’re playing on PC, console or portable device,...
minecraft hobbit feature

Hobbit Skins in Minecraft

Everyone knows of the film "The Lord of the Rings" with its main characters the hobbits. You can download Minecraft skins for these movie characters and play them in the game.

Apps Fuelling Sharp Growth for Mobile Gambling Industry

Over the past few years, there has been an incredible spike in the number of players who have started using their mobile devices to engage in gambling activity and many leading casino sites now offer fully compatible casino apps.

Pro Gamers, Pro Hardware: Esports Gear to Raise Your Game

Low spec ‘potato PCs’ are a thing of the past. Whilst many eSports pros might have started their careers on the family living room computer, they now find themselves playing them out on some of the fastest machines in the business