Dimastech Files For Bankruptcy - Benched For Good?

Over on the HWBot forums over the last 6 months of so, various users have had issues with orders not arriving, orders not being confirmed, but having the money withdrawn from their accounts. This did ring alarm bells, but no-one really expected any financial troubles.

According to HWBot’s king of memory overclocking Christian Ney, Dimastech Systems filed for bankruptcy on May 10th, 2016. The actual hearing however has been scheduled for September 20th, 2016; this could actually mean the end of Dimastechs lineage within the PC industry.

Dimastech are of course well known for their prestigious and well-built test benches which allow users to experience an open case environment for their PC; we have multiple Dimastech benches here at Play3r which we use for water cooling and some of us even use them for overclocking.

It’s no surprise that this news has come out given some of the troubles in getting in contract with the Dimastech SNC hierarchy regarding problematic orders, but we do hope those with outstanding orders or those owed money get their issues resolved as soon as possible.

Have you been affected by any of the issues above? Do you own a Dimastech test bench? Let us know in the comments below!

Update 00:56GMT 10/07/16

Dimastech Systems Inc has contacted us via Facebook and stated that the USA section of the company has NOT filed for bankruptcy and has no ties with the Italian side of the business (which has filed for bankruptcy as can be seen here – http://www.portalecreditori.it/procedura.php?id=166358&)

Update 17:41GMT 10/07/16

Andrea Di Marco (one of the Dimastech SNC “Italy” men declaring bankruptcy contacted us via Skype earlier on today insisting that we change our news. He went on to say that only Dimastech Italy is closing and not Dimastech US. He also informed us that the USA department of Dimastech are not happy with us and are threatening us with legal action unless we change/remove our article.

Dimastech is refusing to issue an official statement to us at this time or explain how both businesses are different, but they are however more than happy to throw legal action our way unless we comply with their wishes.

Update 18:06GMT 10/07/16

After doing a little digging to try and differentiate the different companies in question (Dimastech INC & SNC), we have found some information we want to share. Firstly, the Dimastech INC (USA) Facebook about us page states that the Italian company created the INC themselves to serve the USA/South American markets. So this in fact shows that Dimastech SNC owns the Dimastech INC company/brand.

Secondly, when searching for financial records and while making legal enquiries, both Dimastech SNC and INC share the same fiscal and VAT numbers through both companies, which is the one listed on the actual bankruptcy notice here – http://www.portalecreditori.it/procedura.php?id=166358&/http://www.dimastechusa.com/legal-notes

This is why we are having trouble finding out what makes the companies separate entities, although Andrea from Dimastech is refusing to assist us with this while we make our own enquiries to ensure that the request of Dimastech USA warrants us to change or remove the article.

The fact which remains however is that Dimastech SNC has filed for bankruptcy and we will not be intimidated by threats of legal action without proper information being put forward. We (Play3r) publish unbiased technology news/reviews and this is something that we take great pride in.

Update 19:28GMT 10/07/16

Having made our position clear to Andrea earlier and our reasons for doing so, Andrea did apologise and go on to state that Dimastech USA are still operating and it was only Dimastech Italy that had succumbed to the bankruptcy. He also stated that there will probably be another “buyer” in September of this year.

This is good news for fans of the company, but we are still unsure how this affects customers in Europe and of course those who have existing orders which haven’t been fulfilled.

More when we have it…

VIAChristian Ney
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