EK Watercooling Announces New Customiser App and Competition 1

EK Water Blocks help newcomers choose their first loop

If you are new to water cooling and are thinking about your first loop, or you are still reliant on friends and social media to make sure your choices are valid for your next setup then this news is for you.


EK Watercooling, one of the top brands in the business, has a new web app called Custom Loop Configurator (CLC) that will help you configure everything you need when customising your loop. Simply by entering your existing hardware info you can choose from radiators, pumps, tubing, coolant and more compatible parts, with options being added daily throughout their beta phase.

The beta will last until Sunday, 28th of August, 2016 and as an added bonus every 20th sale completed using their Custom Loop Configurator will get their full order refunded. If that wasn’t enough incentive they are also entering everyone into a raffle to win a watercooling block for MSIĀ® GeForceĀ® GTX 1080 SEA HAWK EK X.


This is definitely something that interests me as a total water cooling noob. Yes I’ve used just about every type of AIO out there, but I still haven’t had the balls to make that leap into something with the potential to completely destroy my setup if I get it wrong. Will I use it in the future? I’m not sure. For one thing I’m not running skylake in my personal rig as it’s just not enough of a leap from 4770k for me to justify it, but if that changes, or if EKWB introduce historical chips into the CLC system then potentially yes.

What about you? Will this help you make that leap to custom water cooling?

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