Pirate Finds a Way to Upload Movies to YouTube Without Getting Copyright Claims

Pirate Finds a Way to Upload Movies to YouTube Without Getting Copyright Claims


Google, the owners of YouTube have been breathing down the neck of anyone who could be potentially be using content that is not their own. The biggest part of this system is the Content ID System. The system was introduced in 2013 and it actively seeks videos that may be potentially stolen. Naturally, there have been cases where this has worked against itself, for example, Xbox Canada got their call of duty costs trailer removed. The system has been mostly successful in removing copyrighted videos along with music until Google rolled out an update that added a360 Degree video.

Note : As we do note condone piracy here at play3r, we will not be linking any videos.


You may be asking yourself, what has 360 Degree video got to do with pirated movies, recently one particularly smart person decided to make a movie into a full 360 Degree video. The result of this was not what should happen however, it was not even detected by YouTube’s content ID System, meaning that people could circumvent the system by uploading videos in 360 Degrees. Naturally, these are 360 Degree videos so they will not have the highest quality, nor will they be perfectly sized, as they are meant to be watched through 2 Lenses.

Banned Account

The original creator, however, has been banned from YouTube.  This has not stopped a plethora of people also doing the same work, allowing for a large amount of stolen content to be uploaded, without any consequence.

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