Powercolor Announces A New RX 470 DEVIL Graphics Card 1

AMD Released yet another Polaris 10 GPU, and Powercolor was quick to rush out their add-in board variants, here we have the RX 470 Red Devil 4GB Video card.
(Guru3D, 2016)

The card comes with a preinstalled backplate that follows their “Devil” Branding and a hefty aftermarket cooler, allowing for quiet and cool operation.

Source VideoCardz http://videocardz.com/review/powercolor-radeon-rx-470-4gb-red-devil

The Cooler

Source VideoCardz http://videocardz.com/review/powercolor-radeon-rx-470-4gb-red-devil

The cooler supplied with the new RX 470 Is a dual fan design, utilising 80MM Dual ball bearing fans with 2 6MM Nickel-plated heat pipes. The cooler can keep the 140W Polaris 10 GPU Beneath it nice and cool. The “DOUBLE BLADE III” Design allows for more fan blades to be cramped into a smaller area, allowing for up to 20% More airflow and less dust overall.

RX 470 DEVIL Backplate
Source VideoCardz http://videocardz.com/review/powercolor-radeon-rx-470-4gb-red-devil

Powercolor has carefully engineered the card to be compatible with most cases by making it a short 24CM or 9.4 Inches for Americans In length, smaller than NVIDIA’s Founders Edition Card, which sits at 26.5CM or 10.5 Inches for Americans. This added compatibility coupled with lower temperatures will give small form factor builders a much-needed boost.


Source VideoCardz http://videocardz.com/review/powercolor-radeon-rx-470-4gb-red-devil

There is a lot to say about this PCB, it is quite possibly the biggest and most powerful one we have seen on any RX 470, It has a 6 + 1 Phase VRM, with each of the phases providing 25W Compared to other manufacture’s 22.5W, this small boost in power per phase allows an extra 17.5W to be pushed through the cards VRM. This will mean a lot to those pushing their card to the limits. The PCI-e 8 Pin differs from what AMD Have used on their reference boards, a single 6 Pin, allowing much more power to be pushed through. A 100% spec Increase from the 6 Pin. In the top left of the PCB, you will notice a small dipswitch, this is the BIOS Switch, which can be accessed from here on the card.


The card has a default core clock of 1270MHz While inside of the OC BIOS, otherwise this is the boost clock on the standard BIOS, there is a physical BIOS Switch on the card that I will show off later, this RX 470 Has a standard memory clock of 1750 MHz or 7000MHz effective, the card still uses standard GDDR5 as a cost saving measure. Powercolor’s revision of the card also includes 1x HDMI, 3x DisplayPort and 1x DVI, changing upon AMD’s reference that has 1X HDMI and 3X DisplayPort.

The card has 32 CU’s, 2048 Stream processors and a 256 Bit memory bus, meaning that coupled with the 7000MHz effective memory speed, it manages a strong 224.0 GB/s Memory throughput.

Pricing and Availability

At the point of writing this, the card is only available to purchase in the UK for £199 At Overclockers.co.uk who currently have the card on pre-order.
It is also available at Newegg for $199 + Shipping, but the card is selling like hot cakes so you will have to be quick or you might miss out!

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