Beyond Two Souls

Games are popping up everywhere today and with the next gen of consoles here, we expect many more exclusive titles to dominate the deadlines. But I want to pull you back to a game that has been on the market a few months that offered PlayStation users one hell of a theatrical ride and emotional storyline.

Beyond: Two Souls, developed by Quantic Dream and directed by David cage, is not one of the biggest games that it was thought to be but took many by surprise. Appearing on the local shelves on the 11th of October (EU), the game was published in two separate editions. The standard edition of which contains simply the game, good for those new comers to this style of button bashing and interactive drama genre. Then there’s the collector’s edition, more suited for collectors as well as those who enjoy little goodies thrown by developers. Featured within the collector’s edition are many little perks including a PlayStation 3 Dynamic background, PlayStation Network avatars, the official soundtrack, 30 minutes extra gameplay and finally a nice featurette on the making of Beyond: Two Souls.

Now more to the story, a crazy chapter by chapter recollection of Jodie Holmes’s memory as she struggles to realise who she is or what her life is about. Accompanied by a paranormal entity she calls Aiden, she must work through many sections of her life to piece everything together from childhood to CIA and so on. This is the typical dramatic entering into the game, where the beginning is a small fragment of the end and the rest of the game is a non-chronological ordered series of events the player must play through to complete the game. The user plays a huge part in the story and how it plays out, with many alternate endings that will have you wanting to scream at the TV for more once the game is complete, with every stone turned.

The enjoyable factor about Beyond: Two Souls is the storyline and stunning graphics that the PlayStation 3 restricts in a way. Many users are hoping that the PlayStation 4 will bring the game to its true calling as the graphics behind the game could be one of the most beautiful seen on the gaming market if the platform was much more powerful and all factors accounted for, the user will understand this once playing as you feel restricted to what your eyes can see and interpret as beautiful or just a restriction of the console.

For anyone who loves the ‘out of the ordinary’ games, a reason to cry and a cinematically engineered feel to a game then this is for you. Beyond: Two Souls gives action, adventure, emotional attachment and the choice to how you would act in that position as well plenty of game time to complete all endings. The game is powerful, emotional and will have a tear streaming down your face after realising key questions in the game. In addition to this, Beyond: Two Souls will take you to places you have never been before so I leave you with one question. What should Jodie do next?



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