BT has announced that it will soon be offering it’s customers an incredible 300Mbps broadband internet connection for “bandwidth hungry consumers,” and that “the service will initially be available within 50 exchange areas where FTTP infrastructure has been deployed to date.”

To put this in perspective my current fibre optic is 72Mbps and with this I can download a 15GB Steam game in about twenty minutes at about 8.5MB/S, so theoretically with BT’s new fibre I could download that same game in 5 minutes at about 40-45MB/S – this thing is fast. It will come at a price though, £50 a month for BT’s Unlimited package and with fibre optic being so fast and so much cheaper too, we have to ask ourselves is it really worth it in your home?

BT said: “The launch of the Infinity 300Mbps FTTP service will see BT offer the fastest speeds of all the major ISPs with 300Mbps downstream and 20Mbps upstream speeds. Existing FTTP customers will also be able to upgrade to the faster speeds by upgrading to the £50 Unlimited package, which comes without any usage limits and is free from traffic management. “

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