Cooler Master Elite 110 Sneak Peak at Insomnia 51


Cooler Master was on full display at Insomnia 51 with almost their entire range of current gaming keyboards to display for the public and to play with, covering all the Cherry MX switch types as well as the Quick Fire I which we had an exclusive look at during The Gadget Show Live.  Today we had another sneak peak at one of Cooler Masters latest cases the Elite 110.


  • The mini-ITX case with front mesh panel and vents on the top and side panels for better airflow
  • One 120mm fan in the front (included) and Two 80mm fan on the side (optional)
  • Dual Super Speed USB 3.0
  • Supports a 120mm radiator in the front
  • Supports standard length ATX PSU up to 180mm
  • Supports graphic card length up to 210mm
  • Ample storage – up to 3 HDDs / 4 SSDs

As you can see from the specifications above, the Elite 110 is going to be fully functional ITX case which would make an epic LAN Gaming Rig.  Supporting a 120mm Closed Loop Water Cooler and a 210mm Graphics Card, plenty of power all housed in a small form factor case.

As you can see the Elite 110 has a full mesh front grill which will aid airflow through the case, from what I could tell from the brief look I had of the Elite 110 the mesh can be removed which would be great for anyone wanting to mod the case.  Respray the front mesh in a different colour etc

On the right hand side of the case we have a large pre cut grill which will aid airflow for your graphics card and components, which also supports an additional two 80mm fans. We also have the power switch, two USB 3.0 ports, Microphone jack, Headphone jack and the reset switch.

The rear of the case we can see that the power supply will stick out ever so slightly aiding in a greater space within the case itself, the Elite 110 supports full size power supplies using this design.  The section where the power supply sticks out will be held in place using the solid steel frame which can be attached to the power supply and then attached to the rest of the chassis. The Elite 110 also supports dual slot graphics cards which is an excellent choice by Cooler Master as most top range graphics cards will be dual slot.  Though this will vary dependant on the manufacturer of the chosen graphics card.

Whilst I did get to take a look inside the Elite 110 itself, I did get a good hands on look and i can from my own experience the Elite 110 is a solid case, with excellent support options available in regards to hardware and i feel it is a fantastic addition to the current line up of cases available from Cooler Master.

In closing I would like to say a quick thank you to Chris from Cooler Master UK who was on hand at Insomnia 51 throughout the day to answer any of the questions about current products and ones coming in the future along with letting me have a sneak peak at the Elite 110 we look forward to reviewing it as soon as they become available.


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