Dark Souls 3 - Beaten in under 2 hours already?!I

Now I know Dark Souls III doesn’t come out until April 11th, but Japan have had it since March 24th. This pretty big gap between release dates gives Japanese gamers the advantage on completing the game and speed running it, but it seems both have already been accomplished! This is a game based on being stupidly difficult to play, and each enemy can mean death, so to see someone defeat the game completely in under 2 hours is something that leaves me dumbfounded, mostly because I struggle to get past the first boss in the first bloody game.

Japanese speedrunner Jung Ho Min is the man behind this crazy record that has been clocked in at 1:42:10, just let that sink in… The run is one which the percentage completion doesn’t matter, so his only goal was to reach the end as quick as possible by any means, which can mean skipping portions, etc.

Speedrunning isn’t something I’ve particularly paid too much attention to, but it does seem to be a real big thing now. People seem to love watching people whizz through games in crazy small times that take most people tens of hours to complete, sometimes hundreds in some cases! The video evidence is in a video down below, have a look and watch the guy just destroy that game! Of course, this means seeing MANY spoilers so don’t say you weren’t warned.

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