FrozenCPU Rumored To Have Closed

The American retailer FrozenCPU is rumored to have closed with the dismissal of all warehouse and support staff. The original poster has been quoted to say that the company is un-operational and is urging people to refrain from making orders as they won’t be fulfilled.

As no major staff are on site, the website is still operational and no action has been taken to shut it down. Customers have been quoted to say that they realised there was a problem when their next day deliveries were not arriving.

Having personally used the site myself so order things like dust proofing mesh for cases that don’t come with it I’m quite disappointed to see this happen.

Source – OCN

UPDATE 11/02/15 – Mark Friga, the owner of, a long time enthusiast community supplier, and he explained to me that FrozenCPU is in fact not going out of business as rumored earlier today. He said that FrozenCPU is currently running a skeleton crew and to please bare with his company while the it is ramping back up to 100% employee capacity.

Source – Hardforum – Thanks to Geoff Goldsmith for the update.


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