Australian overclocking team, Team.AU have managed to reach a new DDR3 frequency record of 4404MHz with a little help from exotic cooling in the form of LN2 (liquid nitrogen). The liquid nitrogen was poured into copper containers on both the Ram and the CPU in order to cool both the Memory module and the CPUs IMC (integrated memory controller) down to -196c in order to achieve the highest overclocks possible.

The memory module used for this overclock was a single stick of G. Skill Trident X single sided Hynix MFR 4GB. In recent weeks Hynix MFR ICs have taken a lot of flack from reviewers and overclockers alike due to it’s lack of performance despite the high clock speeds. The ram clearly has a place in the world of overclocking however as shown today, even if it is just for achieving record frequencies.

Other hardware used for the overclock includes an intel i7 4770K, Asus Maximus IV Impact motherboard and a Corsair ax 1200 gold rated power supply.

Link to the overclock : HERE

CPU validation link : HERE 

Source : HWBot

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