Grow Up Game Review 1

Grow Up Game Review

It's time for Grow Home to Grow Up, but what has it grown into?
Marvel Heroes MMO Review 1

Marvel Heroes MMO Review

Marvel Heroes is an MMO based in the Marvel Universe that is fun and easy to access, in this review I go over the basics of the game and how it feels.
No Man's Sky Game Review 2

No Man’s Sky Game Review

After days with nothing but No Man's Sky and caffeine our review is finally here. Was it worth the wait or should it be taken to a farm planet?
Rimworld Review 1

Rimworld Review

Intro: Created by Tynan Sylvester and Ludeon Studios. RimWorld follows three survivors from a crashed space liner as they build a colony on a frontier...
Brookhaven Experiment VR Game Review 1

Brookhaven Experiment VR Game Review

The Brookhaven Experiment impressed with it's demo last year, but can the full game maintain the scare factor?
Tom Clancy's The Division Review - Painfully Addictive 1

Tom Clancy’s The Division Review – Painfully Addictive

Introduction Developer: Ubisoft Massive Game: Tom Clancy's The Division Price: Varies on retailer (Click here to buy from G2A) Usually, when I go into a game, a matter...
Cyberpunk 3776 Review 2

Cyberpunk 3776 Review

  About the game: "Cyberpunk 3776 harkens back to the glory days of arcades. It all begins on a post apocalyptic earth and proceeds into...
Dark Souls 3 - Beaten in under 2 hours already?!I

Dark Souls III Review – Excruciatingly Entertaining!

Does Dark Souls III live up to the expectations the fans expect from the latest installment in the Souls franchise? Read here to find out!
Animal Gods Review 1

Animal Gods Review

Today we will be having a look at Animal Gods, a fully illustrative top-down 2D action/adventure game.
Stellaris - In Space... THEY HEAR ME SCREAM! 1

Stellaris – In Space… THEY HEAR ME SCREAM!

Stellaris is the latest release from Paradox Interactive, is it another successful game from them or a stumbling failure? Find out with Play3r!