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Case – BitFenix Shinobi XL
Motherboard – MSI Z87-MPOWER MAX                                                                           CPU – Intel i7 4770K
RAM – Kingston Beast Series 16GB 2133mhz DDR3
GPU – OcUK GeForce GTX 970 4096MB GDDR5
PSU – Corsair TX850 850W
CPU Cooler – Corsair Hydro Series H100i All-In-One
SSD – OCZ Vertex 4 256GB
HDD – Western Digital Caviar Black 1TB Internal

This game doesn’t play much differently from previous titles in the franchise at all, which is a good thing as it’s a game with gameplay everyone enjoys. A fantastic addition is in the game however with the Batmobile not only playing a part but being another way of getting around Gotham, which is tons of fun to play around with. The fact that the city has been overrun makes you use the Batmobile to take out enemy vehicles, as well as being used as a super fast launching pad to gliding. The DLC packs give you new characters, more stories, and new skins for Batman, now the new characters give you new ways of playing the game. Especially if you’re playing as Harley or Catwoman who can’t go gliding around town. You also have the same upgrading system as before where you get unlocks to get whatever you want for Batman or his Batmobile. This is always nice to have so that you can add to Batman’s arsenal what you want, and you’re not being forced to take utter rubbish that you either don’t like or don’t find yourself having a use for.

When people go into a Batman game they don’t go in hoping for some amazing multiplayer to get their teeth into, they go in for story. Rocksteady didn’t add any multiplayer for Arkham Knight so if it’s something you’re looking for, this title isn’t for you, but if you want a good story though, you just found it! Not only is the main storyline worth playing, but the side stories are great too. I really found The Riddler’s gameplay a ton of fun going through, the puzzles while a tad bit simple (they certainly don’t challenge Portal) I had a bunch of fun going through it and enraging Edward Nigma.

Gameplay wise I would rate this game quite well, it does all the gameplay it needs to do rather well. I don’t personally rate it higher than Shadow of Mordor, but that’s mostly because I’m more of a Tolkien nerd than DC Comics, and Shadow of Mordor launched well and did the gameplay better. Batman: Arkham Knight though is a game that does everything just right though, and by doing so it made it a game that I could play easily, and the only reason the review is being done now is I feel that it’s finally a game worth people buying.


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