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Now, going into the conclusion it’s very easy to say “oh this game is fantastic you just have to play it”, I won’t be saying this. To go ahead and buy this game isn’t a huge decision, but we’re talking £35.99 here. That’s a lot of money to spend on just one title, you should get this game at a warning that not only does the game still have its issues that Rocksteady admitted may not be able to get fixed, but you’d be supporting this game too. This basically says to the company that you’re ok with the issues that happened to the game. While I really liked this game I believe a suitable way to buy this game I think would be to wait for a Steam Sale to buy this title.


  • Audio
  • Controls
  • Design
  • Graphics
  • Value



  • Unique gameplay.
  • Gameplay is great and easy to get into.
  • Gadgets and tools are fun to play with.
  • Story and side missions are fun!
  • Batmobile is a ton of fun.
  • DLC is great.
  • Cons

  • Controversy was bad.
  • Sending
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