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Final Thoughts

Overall, I’ve been thoroughly engrossed with Civilization VI from the moment I started playing. After a few failed attempts to get my head around everything, it clicked and new and old came together to make sense. The life in everything comes across better when playing than screenshots, though the modern era looks a little over crowded and verges on a mobile game in style.

civilization vi screenshot 5

The AI seems a bit scatterbrained at times, going from being friends to war and back again in the space of two or three turns. I know we were promised less predictable AI, but it seems like they’re governed by an RNG that is either peace or war, instead of changing by degrees. Despite that, the higher difficulties offer a decent challenge.

If that was all then I’d recommend it in a heartbeat, but price is the real sticking point, at £49.99 it feels overpriced compared to most PC games. So I can only really recommend Civilization VI if you enjoyed V, or are looking for something to “one more turn” into the next morning. It feels more complete at launch than pretty much every Civilization game before it and is my new go to game for multiplayer or an evening conquering the world.

civilization VI screenshot 6

  • Graphics
  • Audio
  • Design
  • Control
  • Value


– Amazing Soundtrack
– Unstacked cities
– Multiplayer is much improved
– AI personalities
– Sean Bean

– Not many nations at present
– Too few map types
– Barbarian aggressiveness at low levels is too high.

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