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Audio and Graphics

Audio is essential for both sides while playing this, with the killer needing to listen out for generator backfires. The survivors have to listen out for that dreadful heartbeat just on the off chance the killer is on his way towards you, which is never a fun prospect to be stuck dealing with. Not only is audio good for those things, the music used adds to the atmosphere so damn well it really makes you feel like you’re immersed in a mini horror movie, trying to secure your outcome!


Graphically this game isn’t going to be up there with the likes of The Witcher 3, Battlefield 4, The Division, etc but what it does do, it does really well. The game looks really fantastic, and I feel the character models for the killer’s are really great and do strike fear when you see them sprinting after you. It runs perfectly well on the highest possible settings on my 970 so you shouldn’t really have any problems running this on your own personal rig if you have a similar set-up.


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