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The music in this game is quite good, although the soundtrack doesn’t seem particularly varied and due to the plethora of sounds coming from the game ends up falling into the background. The sound design is quite good though, with many weapons having different sounds not to mention the enemies and item pickups. It’s also very nice that the enemies make a sound upon death (as with the final hit sound in dark souls) that allows you to know when you have finished off an enemy, even if they are off screen. Sounds also indicate when new enemies are coming in. Although not a lot to get in depth about, the music and sound design in this game are definitely appreciable.


Great Puns

Graphics wise this is yet another pixel art styled indie title, however the art is incredibly well done. All the animations are incredibly fluid, the reload animations range from standard to super interesting, not to mention the multitude of particle effects that they manage to fit in, all while maintaining a good unified theme. The only art I’m not a huge fan off are the scenes before bosses, though that’s not saying that it doesn’t look good, I’m just not a huge fan. Each floor also seems that have a specific aesthetic that sets it apart from the other floors / levels, which helps to make you feel that things are getting tougher, through just the look of the game. Most enemies also have their own animations that help you detect when the next attack is coming in which helps when you need to dodge or hide behind objects. I would say that the art is quite good, and definitely matches my expectations for an indie title that had the amount of hype (in the Isaac circles) that this game had.

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