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Played the original Metro game, or the redux of 2033 and are hankering for more of the crazy harshness of post apocalyptic Moscow?  Well Metro: Last Light Redux is the game for you!  This particular game is probably one of the finest sequels of games in the modern day releases of games.  When the original Metro: Last Light released, I played it from the minute it was released (literally), and I did nothing but play the game until I completed it, everything done within this sequel was done to damn near perfection in my eyes.  Unlike 2033, Last Light had minimal to no bugs and glitches at all, in my first playthrough I didn’t have any at all personally.  The huge difference between the two games at first glance was the monumental improvement on graphics, it went from a good looking game, to having the sequel look better than all games out on Steam before it at that time.

I will go ahead and praise this game highly because it managed to run on my piece of rubbish PC I had before I decided to build a new one.  The previous PC was an AMD Phantom CPU, with an ASUS GeForce GTS 450 1GB….. As well as being a beautiful game, yes, this game will run on a piece of crap machine.  The Redux version of Last Light does have improved graphics, and while it isn’t overly noticeable, the graphics are indeed improved and along with graphics, all DLC released for the game are included when you buy the Redux version of the game which is more reason to buy it!

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