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Radial-G: Racing Revolved feels like lots of “but in VR” games put together, a riffed title, depleting health when boosting, ramming opponents, anti-gravity tracks. It’s all been done before, but now it’s in VR.

The VR is the one good spot. There was no noticeable framedrops or latency issues. Limited motion sickness was due to a small section of track, but this passed within a few seconds of moving past it. Tracks have clearly been designed with it in mind and it shows.

Everything seems limited however, a handful of tracks and modes, less than that in vehicles. After a couple of hours you will have seen everything there is. Considering how feature light it is £18.99 is a bit expensive. This feels more like an extended demo than a full release.



  • Audio
  • Control
  • Design
  • Graphics
  • Value



– Opponent position system is clear and easy.
– Tracks looping around each other make for great views.


– Too few tracks and vehicles.
– Some track sections induce minor nausea.
– Empty multiplayer lobbies.
– Very little added since the demo version.

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