SOMA – Alien: Isolation underwater with robots!


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The audio in this game is quite possibly the best audio in a horror game to date, rivalling Outlast and Alien: Isolation and possibly surpassing them both.  For obvious reasons the audio is extremely important, you’ll need to listen out for the monsters as they come along, and you’ll need to listen to the audio logs and the data buffers.  The voice acting is also something to behold, especially the two main characters Simon and Catherine, they make you actually care about them.  The music in this game is also great and blends in perfectly with the general feel of the game and is utilised at the perfect times to freak you out even more!


This game is from a company who are still an indie company and this game looks like something from one of the biggest companies out there.  As well as there being a lot of horror and gore in this game, there is also beauty, especially when underwater, you will see a lot of stuff there that is really great to just look at.  The amount of detail put into everything is actually staggering, especially on things like computer consoles where the tiniest things will be fully detailed.  It should run on the highest settings on a majority of PC tiers, the lower tier may have problems running it on the highest settings though.


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