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Audio and Graphics

I cannot doubt the audio in this game in any way whatsoever, I feel they really did a great job with voice acting, gun sounds and general rabble through the streets. It is a pleasure to wear both ears of my headset to play through this game because I’ve yet to hear anything particularly bad in the game. I was very happy with the voice acting done by Melissa O’Neil who plays Faye Lau, who basically is your eyes and ears throughout New York and gives you help throughout the game.

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There are beautiful graphics throughout this game, and I barely see any bad textures at all in the entire game. I do feel that it has been downgraded from the footage seen at E3 though, and it just disappoints me that graphics always have to be downgraded to compensate for how much the consoles struggle with the PC graphics. The thing that is needed is the games should be made for PC first, then downgrade them for whatever purpose necessary, but regardless, this is one hell of a beautiful looking game to run around in, even if it is a post-apocalyptic New York in a way.


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