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Audio and Graphics

Huge battlefields have always been one of the main draws of the series and Total War: Warhammer delivers as expected. Units are varied and apart from same race battles sufficiently different to stand out easily. Larger units stand head and shoulders above the regular troops.

total war: warhammer 3

Battlefields change depending on location and corruption in the area. What is a beautiful woodland with plenty of hiding areas becomes a desolate wasteland with nowhere to hide. City sieges look slightly worse than the more open battlefields, with buildings repeating occasionally. Not something you notice in the middle of a major battle, but in the quieter moments it does stand out. Underground battlefields also look suitably oppressive.

total war: warhammer 6

The Soundtrack is fairly unobtrusive and is the one part of the game that plays the same for all factions. Men shouting orders, creatures screaming and howling and steel blades clashing descend into a mess of battle noise. It’s possible to tell what is happening and where by just listening carefully, but more often than not you’ll be listening for creatures screaming that aren’t your own as an advance warning of what’s coming.

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