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After the broken ROME II, Total War: Warhammer for the most part works. The only bugs I encountered were balanced ones, related to the new hero units. Creative Assembly has crafted a great Warhammer game. Factions show how hard they to play, and each has a unique playstyle.

total war: Warhammer 5

The sight of a massive Chaos Troll batting away smaller troops or huge cavalry such as demigryphs charging is a joy to watch. Magic zaps across the battlefield, Heroes stand against overwhelming forces and it’s fun to just sit back and watch.  There is a gameplay driven narrative which is simple but effective.

total war: warhammer 7

It will take up more hours than you have free, with just one more turn, or another battle, just the next province. The next thing you know the review is late as you can’t stop playing.

  • Audio
  • Control
  • Design
  • Graphics
  • Value



– Warhammer in the total war engine
– Unique factions
– Faction difficulty for newcomers


– Lots of factions missing
– End game still repetitive
– Chaos Faction is DLC

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