EA shutting down free-to-play franchises

EA shutting down free-to-play franchises

It’s always hard when old games that we’ve paid for become a thing of the past, support dwindles, and they give up hope. But it’s even sadder when games that are free to play shut their servers down, and say to the loyal fans! It’s time to say goodbye. EA is one of those companies that has actually had a long standing involvement within the F2P community.. But these games are finally getting the axe.

  • Battlefield Heroes
  • Battlefield Play4Free
  • Fifa World
  • Need for speed world

I love F2P games – but I can see why they are closing down the games, usually the F2P model is based on micro-transactions. Basically like LoL, but when they don’t make the money? How do they pay the staff, the servers?

So it’s understandable that EA are closing down the doors! If you want to read more about the news the full article is on EA.

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