Lionhead closed down...

The famous studio founded by Peter Molyneux which brought us Black & White and the popular Fable franchise has sadly closed their doors. Closure was heard of from early March, apparently Microsoft were “in discussions with employees” which was about closing down the studio. Obviously those discussions are now at an end and the employees clearly didn’t get the right end of the outcome with the studio no longer being open.

“We can confirm that after much consideration over the six week consultation period with Lionhead employees, we have reached the decision to close Lionhead Studios,” a Microsoft rep told Eurogamer. “We have nothing but heart-felt thanks for the team at Lionhead for their significant contributions to Xbox and the games industry.”

A #RIPLionhead has made the rounds on twitter from fans and employees who are sharing memories and farewells. What is possibly the saddest thing is the fact that the official website now leads to a “This site can’t be reached” sign now… Lionhead

Growing up playing games I got the original Xbox and one of the first games I got on it was the first Fable game. I thought it was a bit of a strange game, but I really loved it, I didn’t hear the promises Molyneux gave so I went in with a blank slate and what I got in return was a beautiful game full of wit and charm. Skip ahead 12 years and now the company that made the game I loved is no more, really a sad day.


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