Minecraft Xbox One Gets Horses. That’s right a new update for Minecraft Xbox One is bringing horses to its lands. 4J Studios, developer of the console version of Minecraft, recently issued the new update specifically for the Xbox Edition of the game.

The update also brings with it a raft of new changes and additions that come as part of the downloadable update. This is the 19th update since the game was released on Xbox, and as well as horses we also now get horse amour. You know, so your horse can look as pretty as you.

The update also brings with it witches, bats, donkeys and mules, it also brings in a new tutorial world. The content update is currently being rolled out for Xbox One and Xbox 360, but there’s a hold up on the PlayStation 4, Playstation 3 and Vita. 4J has stated this is due to Sony testing the update before it is released.


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