The upcoming first-person puzzle title Pneuma: Breath of Life is coming to Xbox One as a timed exclusive on February 27th. The co-developers Deco Digital and Bevel Studios recently made the announcement on their social pages.

The game is currently set to an exclusivity of 30 days and is available on Steam Greenlight at the moment. There is a PC release, but it is just stated as “coming soon”. They are also trying to include Oculus Rift DK2 support which is a bonus.

I know you mostly care about what the game entails. Well in Pneuma: Breath of Life you are a God. You are a God on a journey of self-discovery. You are tasked with difficult challenges and puzzles as you progress through the story. Puzzles will make you lift bridges, rotate platforms, and move entire rooms with the power of a God.

The producer behind the game Joe Brammer recently made a statement about the game. Brammer said “Since we announced Penuma as a timed exclusive on Xbox One, we couldn’t wait to reveal footage from the finished game to the public as well as begin to talk about compatibility with Oculus Rift.” Brammer continued “I believe what we’ve designed is something special that the gaming community is craving on both consoles and PC.”

This is a game I really like the look of and one I cannot wait for.  Have you seen the upcoming puzzle title? What are your thoughts? Leave us your comments below.

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