Rainbow 6 Siege Open Beta is Here! 3

The Rainbow 6 Siege Open Beta is here! I am happy to announce that there is an open beta for 6 days prior to the game release on the 1st of December.

The open beta has 14 operators and 5 reserves, with the addition of Russian Spetsnaz operators  which you will be able to play (see feature image) but our favorite character Fuze, from the closed beta, wont be playable again until launch. There are 3 game modes which are in the open beta, two we have seen before on the closed beta, Secure Bomb and Secure Area. The new game mode available is called Disarm Bomb. Disarm Bomb is a 1-5 V AI whereby you are tasked to disarm the bomb or defend from the AI. This are roumers of another game mode for ‘Terrorist Hunt’, but we will see if this is playable once access has been granted.

There are 3 different maps we will see in the beta, these maps are called ‘Kanal’, ‘Hereford’ and ‘House’, both ‘Hereford’ and ‘house’ we saw in the closed beta but by the looks of some photos they have been tweaked a little bit, we will have to wait and see!

Operator List_229291

Ubisoft have said “The Open Beta will be focused primarily on testing matchmaking and online infrastructure, and as such will only feature a limited scope of the game’s content. Your progression, inventory and Ranked gameplay during the Open Beta will not carry over into the final game.” I am happy to see they have addressed the issues of matchmaking as that was a little issue in the closed beta and glad they have decided to test it out before the game comes out but I feel it may be a little too soon to release to resolve any technical issues.


If you were in the closed beta, you are able to play the open beta one day early for and is available on the Playstation store, Xbox Store and Uplay for PC (24th of November) with preload available from the 23rd. The beta opens to everyone on the 25th and is on until the 29th.

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