Every month we’ll be looking at the top new paid releases on Steam. Indie or AAA doesn’t matter as long as they were released in the previous month. May has been an interesting month, over 300 games were released on steam. With Doom, a new Total War, and new games from Paradox and Gearbox.  So how did they all do?

Total War: WARHAMMERTotal War Warhammer

Waaaaagggghh a surprise. After years of modding the previous Total Wars to be Warhammer we’ve finally got the official version. More in depth lore, a magic system and amazing graphics, it’s clear why this was the number one seller on Steam last month. The review was written, but succumbed to Chaos corruption. Purchase on Steam


After the lacklustre Multiplayer beta left opinions divided it was surprising the Singleplayer was as engaging, fun and just downright Doom as it was. Melee plays a more prominent role, with the ability to dash to enemies to finish them off making hordes of enemies fun and exciting to finish off. Purchase on Steam

StellarisScreenshot from the game Stellaris by Paradox

Paradoxs first Space grand strategy game is a great piece of gaming, pushing the 4x genre in new interesting directions. Our own Govan said “If there was ever a AAA space strategy game, Stellaris is it, it’s honestly a really beautiful game to look at, and while difficult it’s rather an addictive one too.” – Stellaris Review

Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD RemasterFFXX-2

The world’s foremost cutscene simulator gets a re-re-re-release on PC. Purchase on Steam


Releasing the same month as Overwatch and DOOM was always going to be tough for this MOBA meets Borderlands game. It’s a solid game that is struggling to find it’s feet against the Blizzard behemoth. As a multiplayer only title I’m more worried if it will last as long as Evolve, it’s already fallen off the top 100 games on the Steam Stats page. Purchase on Steam

Shoppe KeepShoppe Keep

Who wants to go out getting hurt adventuring and fighting monsters when you can run the shop that adventurers and heroes buy from. Recettear got there first, with it’s clever mix of dungeons and shop management. Shoppe Keep tries to improve on the formula with full 3D environments. I’m definitely more excited for this than battleborn, sorry Gearbox. Purchase on Steam

Salt and SanctuarySalt and Sanctuary

A former PS4 exclusive that has made it’s way to the PC before it’s planned Vita release. It’s a dark cartoon style, 2D, platformer that’s half dark souls half castlevania and a lot of fun despite it’s position in this month’s chart. Purchase on Steam


Released in the spring, what madness is this? It’s an indie puzzle game that seems to have taken the ideas and writings in a Yoga book and transcribed them into in game unlockables. Purchase on Steam

Homefront: The RevolutionHomefront The revolution

An open-world sequel to the original homefront. It’s more a story reboot with an alternative history setting where North Korea is more powerful than the US. Wait, what? Even without looking at the performance issues and bugs it’s a very generic shooter with poor to middling review scores. Purchase on Steam

Dead Island Definitive Editiondead island Definitive Edition

Dead Island for the new generation of consoles. Using the same engine as Dying Light and tweaking small pieces here and there for a smoother and more visually pleasing experience. If you own the old version on PC you can pick this up for £1.80 for a limited time, which is worth it for the additional character and story. Purchase on Steam

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