The Best Teams to Choose in Madden NFL 19


If you still haven’t purchased Madden NFL 19 yet then the start of the new NFL season might just spur you into action. The latest in the incredibly long-running series of American football games from EA Sports, this one delivers all the gameplay and adrenalin that everyone expects, and introduces a few innovations too. We look at some of the best Madden teams to play as this year to bring you that little bit closer to victory….

Philadelphia Eagles


The Eagles swoop in as the number 1 side on our list. Apart from being the top-rated team in the game, they are last season’s Super Bowl winners. This means that when you select them you already feel like a champ! You’ll find the likes of defensive tackle Fletcher Cox here along with the reassuring presence of strong safety Malcolm Jenkins. And, of course, there’s the cool-headed QB Nick Foles, the top ranking player for merchandise sales in the NFL following the impressive Super Bowl win last February.

New England Patriots


Losing out to the Eagles last season in the Super Bowl, the Patriots have come back very hungry this time round. In Madden 19 they received a correspondingly high rating from EA. In fact, the Patriots can boast two players with a rating of 99: quarter back Tom Brady and tight end Rob Gronkowski. Given that only seven players in the entire league have that high rating, this is a significant accolade for the team and makes them a very strong choice of side. Tracking the latest NFL standings throughout the season may well inspire your gaming too, even if you don’t catch all the games.

Pittsburgh Steelers


The Steelers are an excellent choice for Madden veterans and newbies alike. They received a high rating overall and have more than a few dangerous weapons in their armoury. Most notably, there’s the wide receiver Antonio Brown who has that impressive rating of 99 – one of the elite seven mentioned above. He’ll work particularly well with the new, improved RPM feature of this latest Madden title. RPM stands for Real Player Motion and is the aspect of the game design that concerns realistic movement in the players, from running and dummying to catching. The more responsive Antonio Brown will work like a charm alongside half back Le’Veon Bell, who has a rating of 96.

Atlanta Falcons 

The Falcons may not have won the Super Bowl yet, but they are a fearsome side nonetheless and a wise choice of team for your Madden 19 campaign. Their roster contains some highly impressive names this season. Topping the list there’s Julio Jones, the wide receiver with a rating of 98. Then there are two players with phenomenal hair and a phenomenal rating to match: Desmond Trufant and Devonta Freeman. Cornerback Trufant has a rating of 93 whilst half back Freeman comes in at 91.

Alternatively, if you’re more inclined to be led in your choices by the star players than by the teams themselves, then you might want to make your choice based on player ratings. It’s definitely worth scrutinising the stats for a while before you commit – that way you’ll only have your own gaming ability to blame when you don’t bring home the trophy!

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