EA has announced that they are re-releasing shooter Titanfall, this time called Titanfall Deluxe Edition. The Deluxe Edition will bring with it all of its DLC map packs in one nicely wrapped package. The game, which is exclusive to PC and Xbox One, should cost around £40.00. As well as the core shooter it will bring with it three maps which have been released for the game to date.

The map packs are Expedition, Frontier’s Edge, and the IMC Rising DLC. The DLC adds an additional 9 maps to Titanfall’s impressive 15 already in the game. The Deluxe Edition is currently on Origin now for a reduced price of £33.99. Xbox One users should be able to get the game next week via digital download, however there is no word on when the retail version will be available.

Titanfall has won countless awards, and when released it was a game I was heavily invested in. Since then, countless games have come and gone that take up my time. If you do get the chance then you should head over and purchase the game today. It has a Call of Duty feel, but it still feels like it needs to be in its own class. It offers something similar but new all at the same time.

Have you played Titanfall? What did you enjoy about it? Let us know in the comments below

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