Ubisoft’s Big Announcement

Ubisoft's Big Announcement


Ubisoft is currently teasing the announcement of something on their Youtube channel with a live stream.

Now we don’t actually know how soon this announcement will be and there is not much to go on as the live stream is a cave painting of one man standing with a torch and bow, around him are little paintings of hunters who are hunting animals for food. There is also a wolf looking painting in what looks like a forest with the moon in the sky. There is also paintings of what looks like a den and a small section of an elephants/mammoths head and trunk.

There isn’t much to go on at the minute, but although it’s not official, Ubisoft’s big announcement was unintentionally revealed by the IGN Turkey Twitter account as a new far cry game called Far Cry Primal, but we don’t know if this is 100% true yet, we’ll have to wait and see! We will keep you updated once the news has been announced and I’m sure you are all excited as much as I am.

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