Information on Cross Vendor GPU SLI support surfaces from GeForce and Radeon 4

For years now, gamers and benchmarkers alike have dreamt of having the ability to SLI multi-vendor GPU’s to maximize graphical performance and it seems that soon, our dreams will come true.

News has spread fact that, using Ashes of Singularity as a platform, GeForce and Radeon have been busy completing support testing of cross vendor SLI compatibility between a small variation of high end GPUs using DirectX 12. The true abilities of DirectX 12 have been shown while being used to benchmark said SLI, so those of you running Windows 10 will hopefully be able to maximize GPU performance with this epic new Multi-GPU power.


For those who don’t know, Ashes of Singularity is an Early Access RTS title on Steam using DirectX 12. The latest build allows for multi-GPU Explicit Multi-Adapter functionality, one of the API’s two multi-GPU modes. This new function allows inherently different graphics cards to work together efficiently, meaning different architectures, integrated GPUs and cards from entirely different makers can work together to pump out frames.

Anandtech tested out the ability of multi-GPU multi-adapter feature with DirectX 12, pairing up a GTX 980Ti, Titan X, R9 Fury X, an R9 Fury and mixing them up in different configurations. Images can be seen below:


Using data used in the benchmarking, we can see below the overall performance gain:


Using this supported system, we can see there is a much higher benefit to the end user which in turn increases graphical performance as well as increase in FPS. Great for you gamers out there! And just to start a war in the comments we want to point out that when the ‘main’ card in the setup was AMD it gave a slight FPS increase compared to Nvidia being in the top PCI-E slot, which should give those Team Red boys and girls a little something to gloat over (finally).

So what do you think? Is the technology there for cross vendor GPU SLI’s or are we currently punching above our weight? Let us know what you think!

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