The Internet Within Your TV? InAir Rises To The Challange!


Ever had multiple screens on the go or using both your smartphone while using the TV? Wish it could be simpler? Well it can with InAir!

InAir is a newly developed product that requires a simple set up, including a “smart HDMI”, set-top box, TV, connection to a  Wi-Fi network and the small gizmo. Simply plug the device into your TV through the HDMI cable and that into your set-top box, followed by a link to your Wi-fi and the job is done. SeeSpace created the contraption, funded by a new Kicksterter project, that then down relevant data including social network buzz on Facebook and Twitter, web information, scores, line-ups and more, all from what’s currently playing on your TV. It then turns all that info into a graphical overlay that you can interact with using your smartphone or through gesture controls via Kinect or Leap Motion.

The InAir is set to cost just $99 (£59.11), and while the concept sounds fairly simple, its execution is anything but. It’s already hit its $100,000 (£59,700) goal on Kickstarter, raising over $158,000 (£94,340) so far, but if the project hits its $200k (£119k) stretch goal, extra streaming capabilities, an additional HDMI input and more preset apps will be made available.

So, what do you think? A huge flop or have company SeeSapce invented the next biggest interface overlay for online TV usage?

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