Recently I had the pleasure of catching up with my buddy Dean AKA Rhygos and got to ask him a few questions. For those who don’t know, he provides awareness for cancer and even raises money through his gaming for cancer research campaign.

Dean has an incurable cancer of the Esophagus himself and has ongoing chemo therapy sessions but with all of this going on, he still manages to run and promote his cause of cancer research through gaming which is of course near and dear to his heart.  He gladly accepts donations via his Facebook page(link below). However, if you cannot donate just giving him a like and a share is also greatly appreciated.

Since the first time I was lucky enough to meet Dean he has come a long way. When I met him he was mostly doing giveaways on Twitter but has since started a Facebook page to help reach as many people as possible. He hosts numerous giveaways and has even began to gain some sponsors to the likes of OnlineKey Store and is getting some help promoting his page from model Kerrye Dee.

While he may have incurable cancer himself his efforts are being noticed and his campaign for fundraising for cancer research through gaming is gaining more and more exposure by the day. Now on to the fun part, the questions….

Ben: When were you first diagnosed with Cancer? And what type of Cancer do you have and can you explain to us a little about it?

Rhygos: I was diagnosed with Incurable Cancer of the Esophagus back in May 2013. Basically what this means is that I have a tumor wrapped around my gullet which stops me from eating solid foods (I have had to have a feeding tube surgically implanted into my stomach to be fed by a machine each day).  The tumor is aggressive in that it is also going after my heart and my lungs. I call it my ‘little Alien’ and we both want to kill each other (evil laugh)!

Ben:  I’ve personally been following you for awhile and know you have to go through Chemo Therapy, can you explain a little what this consists of?

Rhygos: Basically, its like being on a drip in Hospital. The chemo is fed intravenously into my arm and consists of a clear liquid drug. My chemo therapy sessions last about 4-5hrs every 3 weeks. It used to be every week for a whole day, but I’m on a more severe chemo drugs now. I’m also on a respite for the summer hols as I’ve been battered for the last 13 months with chemo and radiation treatments. Chemo therapy will probably resume again end of September.

Ben: What gives you the power, will and motivation to keep going everyday, even after all you’ve been through?

Rhygos: I’m a fighter, simple as that! I’m not the type of guy to sit around waiting to die. That, and my 12 year old Son keep me on my toes! Some say I’m fighting Cancer but I like to think it’s the Cancer that has a fight on it’s hands! I am my Cancer’s Nemesis after all 😉

Ben: You have your own fundraising page dedicate to raising money through gaming for cancer awareness, what gave you the idea to start it up?

Rhygos: It was a mixture of things really. I looked at what others were doing and thought I’d put a twist on it. My background and my love for Gaming had to be involved. And let’s face it, there’s not many people with incurable Cancer out there fundraising for Cancer either. It’s pretty rare to see, if not unique! And all money raised goes directly to where it is needed, everytime!

Ben: How is your fundraising going and is there anything the general public may be able to do to help, even if they can’t donate money?

Rhygos: Let’s just say it could be a hell of a lot better. Donations are very thin on the ground. People can help by donating as little as £3 securely online on my Facebook page or simply by sharing my page and my fundraiser for Gamers Fighting Cancer:


Ben:  Do you have anything planned for the future or in the making to further help your cause of fundraising for cancer awareness?

Rhygos: I’m always working on bringing new Sponsor’s onboard and always on the look out for anything that will raise awareness. If all goes well, I’m looking to Stream and make videos again.

Ben:If people can take one thing away from this interview, or from you and your cause, what would you like it to be?

Rhygos: That Cancer is a curse and now affects nearly everyone we know in one way or another. That people shouldn’t be scared of using the word ‘Cancer’ and shouldn’t shy away from people that have it or are trying to help others that have it. For people to realise that even donating £1 can help a great deal and sharing a few posts won’t kill them, unlike Cancer.

I would like to thank Dean for taking the time to answer these questions for us. Please make sure to stop by his page give him and like, share and maybe a donation if you can. He is a good man, with a good cause and deserves all the help and support he can get.

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