The League of Legends Summer split has come to an end and the playoffs are under way. As the season ends I’ll be giving you a spotlight of some of the teams and players fighting for a spot in the world championships. Be sure to join in the discussion in the forums.

Alliance are a relatively new team that was forged in December last year. They were created from the following players:

Wickd – Top

Froggen – Mid

Tabzz – AD

Shook – Jungle

Nyph – Support

Roldo – Sub

Kazmitch – Sub

In the 2014 Spring season Alliance ranked 3rd which meant that they had to go into the playoffs from the quarterfinals round. Despite ranking 3rd they ended with 16 wins to 12 losses. A positive W/L ratio is always good. During their Spring Split, they tied every single team except Copenhagen Wolves and Gambit Gaming which they dominated 3/1 each.

I would say this is the strongest result in the league despite coming 3rd. It shows they had no weakness which is incredible considering these players only had a couple of weeks to synchronise as a team. The Spring Split started on the 14th of January and Tabzz joined the roster December 31st giving them only 2 weeks practice before they entered their first pro tournament as a whole.

In the Summer Split they showed overwhelming dominance. Alliance flew to the top of the league and won 21-7. With a 75% win ratio and the team are looking very solid at the moment. Winning the first place in the Summer Split means they got a BYE into the semi-finals of the Summer playoffs. All they need is one single victory and they move on to the World Championships.

Alliance have shown on many occasions that they have the ability to see weakness and close out games. This is a hurdle many teams face because it’s great being ahead in the game, but if you cannot make use of the advantage it’s easier for your opponent to come back.

Check out this match to see Alliance’s excellent decision making in action.

As well as having strong decision making skills, each of the Alliance players are legends in their own right. Froggen has shown on many occaisions to be one of the greatest mid laners in the European LCS. Wickd and Nyph are as veteran as you can get with both players being a part of League of Legends since the beta. Shook is a very interesting pick for this team because he came out of a year long ban around the time Alliance was formed. At the time he was picked up by Alliance, he was the 2nd best jungler in Europe. And it shows, the team is looking pretty unstoppable!

Have a look at their skill in this explosive final match to the 2014 EU Summer Split.

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