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Copenhagen, Denmark, 1st of October 2013 – Libratone, a groundbreaking wireless speaker company, today announces the launch of the Libratone Loop, a versatile speaker that delivers breathtaking stereo sound with the convenience of wireless AirPlay streaming. With a contemporary circular design, the stylish Libratone Loop is an attractive addition to any home décor.

Versatility defined
Featuring a duo stand and elegant wall mount, the Libratone Loop is the most versatile speaker on the market. Not only a powerful sound source, it really stands out, whether mounted on a wall or placed on a table, shelf or bookcase.

Wireless music from any device
As with the rest of the Libratone product family, the Libratone Loop works seamlessly with iPad, iPhone, Android devices or Mac/PC, enabling outstanding sound through Apple’s AirPlay or DNLA for Android users. The speaker can even be used without a Wi-Fi network through Libratone’s PlayDirect™ technology. This works in conjunction with AirPlay and DLNA, creating a direct Wi-Fi connection between the Libratone Loop and any compatible device meaning users can take wireless high-end audio with them, without needing to be close to your home wireless network.  Additionally, the Libratone Loop also lets users stream music wirelessly from Spotify, Pandora and Internet radio stations.

Scandinavian design
Based on the aesthetics of Scandinavian heritage, the Libratone Loop boasts a clean, elegant design, perfect for any interior. The round shape of the speaker balances out and compliments the sharp edges of shelves, picture frames, TV screens and other furniture found in many living rooms.  Dressed in Libratone’s characteristic Italian wool, the speaker has changeable covers in several vivid colours that are easy to take off and replace. The extra covers are sold separately to suit all tastes and interiors.

Stunning sound
The Libratone Loop provides all the convenience and freedom of wireless music, without compromising on sound quality. Built-in Digital Signal Processing and Digital Amplification along with ribbon-based tweeters provide a crystal-clear listening experience. The round shape of the speaker specifically supports Libratone’s patented FullRoom™ technology by bouncing sound off the walls and dispersing it in every direction. Just one sound source has enough power to fill a whole room.

Customise sound with the free Libratone app
A free Libratone app for Apple and Android devices has been designed to give users the best listening experience whatever room they’re in. Easy to use, it provides the option to enhance and customise the audio experience to match the speaker’s surroundings and the type of audio it plays.

Tommy Anderson, CEO at Libratone comments: “The Libratone Loop is born of the same design philosophy that defines the rest of the company’s lineup – uncompromising beauty and unparalleled sound quality. With this product we also wanted to focus on versatility, which is why we’ve given the customer the option to either place the speaker on a shelf or mount it on the wall.

“We wanted to design a speaker that blows the listener away with a breathtaking and impressive performance, but at the same time has a lightweight, delicate and minimalistic design. I think the Libratone Loop offers the best of both worlds.”

The Libratone Loop, dressed in Pepper Black, Salty Grey or Raspberry Red, is sold at Apple Stores, Apple Online and John Lewis online as well as other selected retailers from October 2013 for £399.

Extra covers in all colours of the rainbow, including Pineapple Yellow, Passion Pink, Plum Purple, Petrol Blue and Icy Blue will be sold separately in retail and online from October 2013.

Also available in the Libratone AirPlay family is the Libratone Zipp, a portable, battery-driven speaker that goes where you go, the Libratone Live, a flexible sound system that adjusts to your lifestyle and the Libratone Lounge, a true hi-fi replacement for your living room.

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