CRYORIG sTR4 Upgrade Kit Feature

CRYORIG announces new sTR4 Upgrade Clip Kit for majority of its products

Taipei, Taiwan – Coinciding with the release of 2nd Gen AMD™ Ryzen™ Threadripper™ CPUs, CRYORIG is releasing its CRYORIG sTR4 Upgrade Kit for its high-end air coolers.

The sTR4 Upgrade Kit is compatible with the CRYORIG R1 series, C1 series, H5 series and H7 Quad Lumi. With the new sTR4 Upgrade Kit users are able to use their favorite CRYORIG air cooling solutions with both 1st Gen and 2nd Gen AMD™ Ryzen™ Threadripper™ CPUs.

*Coolers with less than 4 heatpipes are not suggested, as well as the ultra-compact C7 series coolers.

The sTR4 Upgrade Kit is available now with an MSRP of 6 USD (excl. TAX) in North America and Asia, and 6 EUR (incl. VAT) in Europe.

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Officially founded in 2013, CRYORIG is a fresh new comer to the PC peripherals and Cooling market with a core team of seasoned veterans. The team’s resumes include experiences with renowned brands such as Thermalright, Prolimatech and Phanteks. The members are overclockers and PC modding enthusiasts, with a passion to strive for nothing but the best. With the long experience and drive for innovation and improvement, CRYORIG is about applying RESEARCH and innovative IDEAS making the coolest GEAR possible.

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