Ycam HomeMonitor Wireless HD Camera Review


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Bearing in mind that little has changed in the back end of the HomeMonitor i.e. the app is still the same, as is the process to set up the camera, the only real major difference is the improved camera, which Ycam boast is HD quality. The best way to test this is to compare the previous images taken from the non-HD model and sit them side by side the new images so we can see just how much of an improvement the HD HomeMonitor is.

Day Light Camera

Non-HD model

HD HomeMonitor

One obvious difference is the increase of lens distortion caused by the wide angle lens. Whilst this is very useful for getting as much coverage in a smaller area, it will lack clarity at a distance. Other than that, the quality of the image is  more superior to the its predecessor; there is no more pixelation and edges are a lot more defined as you can see on my dog, Gus.

Night Mode

I wasn’t expecting much improvement over the night mode, as in general the quality diminishes when less light that is available – even with the infrared LED array – although don’t get me wrong, the night vision on the older HomeMonitor was still very impressive for a consumer level product.

Below is a screenshot taken from the Android App of the non-HD model – please excuse the spec of dust and the red hue to the image. As you can see it is still fairly dark and some of the edges lack definition.

HD HomeMonitor Night Mode

The night mode on the HD HomeMonitor is very impressive when compared to its predecessor. It produces a much brighter image – it’s almost like it’s just a monochrome image taken in the day time. The edges are also more obvious and the range is still very impressive for such a little camera.


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