Misfit Shines in new colours



After a highly successful UK launch, Misfit Wearables today announces that the Shine, its wireless, physical activity tracker, is now available in Champagne and Topaz colours. The subtle shades ensure that fitness fans and fashionistas alike can wear this season’s colours while tracking their physical activity, sleeping and eating patterns.

With neutral shades set to be this season’s hottest trend, the stylish Shine can be worn discreetly on the wrist, shoe, belt or even a swimsuit whilst running, swimming and cycling, thanks to a magnetic clasp or wristband. Crafted out of a solid block of aircraft-grade aluminum, the Shine has a battery life of four months and works by calculating the amount of calories burned and turns these into points that can help individuals track their daily activity levels and goals.

App Updates: To coincide with the additional colours, Misfit has also updated the free Shine app with three new features that will help users to monitor their eating and sleeping habits:

  • Perfect for weight loss – Keeping a food diary ensures that individuals eat healthier but writing it down is laborious and a pen and paper aren’t always to hand. The new update ensures users can keep tabs on their portion control and food intake by taking quick snapshots of their food and uploading the picture to their food timeline.
  • Monitoring made easy – Completely unobtrusive, the Misfit Shine can be worn in bed to monitor how well users are sleeping, showing total hours down time and deep sleep patterns. The Shine now detects when users are sleeping and monitors the quality of sleep from this point. This is ideal for those nights when lifting a finger to double tap is just too much.
  • Accurate data collection – the final update allows users to manually edit their sleep sessions’ start and finish times. Perfect for those who struggle to get to sleep, wake up in the middle of the night or wake up early but don’t get out of bed, this new feature ensures that the analysis of sleeping patterns is as accurate as possible.

Still keeping the best bits: The new Shine will still incorporate leading features to ensure it can be seamlessly integrated into active lives. These include:
  • Swift syncing – Just download the MisFit Shine app and place the disc on the screen of an Apple or Android device to sync. Paired through Bluetooth, there are no buttons or cables, just a beautiful halo of lights to display progress throughout the day.
  • Discreet and durable – Only the size of a £2 coin, the Shine can be worn anywhere on the body thanks to its free accessories that include a wrist strap and a magnetic loop.
  • More than just step counting – The Shine monitors a number of activities including cycling, swimming, tennis, basketball and football too, so users get more credit where credit is due. By simply double tapping the Shine, users can see progress towards their daily activity goals or they can change their activity.

Availability: The Misfit Shine is available now from Amazon.co.uk for £99.95. The Misfit Shine App is available for free in the iTunes App Store or Google Play Store


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