With ‘The Last of Us’ being one of the biggest PlayStation exclusive games on the market in the past few months, we have all had wool pulled over our eyes by Naughty Dog who have stayed silent of their other well-known franchise.

Uncharted, now entering the fourth title for PlayStation consoles, revealed the next-gen game trailer on PlayStation’s YouTube channel around the 14th of November which left Uncharted fans with their mouths watering and notepads ready to decipher any hidden details of the storyline.

For those who have not seen the trailer, it is worth a watch even if you are not a fan of the franchise. The trailer has been presented in the usual Naughty Dog style, hiding as much as possible and revealing all that needs to be revealed. The main thing we can take away from this trailer is the sense that the past will come back to the main character within the story, as the narration depicts. The nice addition however is the visuals and not the audio, featuring a map and towards the end of the uncovering, a name is reviled that may lead us to that location and the story that keeps that place on the map.

For those who do not wish to spoil any part of the trailer without watching it then please do not continue reading and for those who want answers, we have plenty of information for you!


The narration was spoken by the one and only Todd Stashwich, known for featuring in the film “You, Me and Dupree” and “Along Came Polly” who stated on his twitter (@ToddStashwick) that he will indeed be playing the ‘bad’ guy in the game. Another ‘sneek peek’ was a twitter image of the most famous gaming star of them all, Pac-Man, of which he went on to say “Early render of my Uncharted character” of which could potentially be a hint to his new character maybe? The narration talks about the character that implies someone abandoned them somewhere for 15 years. However, the star of the show Nathan Drake is not mentioned by name and speculation suggests he may not be the lead in the new game.


The main indication of information starts with an early map of the globe, showing that there will most likely be travelling of some sort. This being one thing that Uncharted is well known for, extracting details from old ruins and obscure global places. Towards the end of the video we see a location being mentioned off the coast of Madagascar, an island called “Santa Maria” of which is historically known for pirates and its fascinating maritime history. Although it isn’t much, there isn’t much to go from the start of the small clip but what is certain, the graphics look fantastic! Understandably the trailer will be but there is an essence of it that makes it feel almost real, a point that Naughty Dog co-president Christophe Balestra merely promising to the players that, ‘Graphically you’re going to see a big jump’.

Over-all the trailer does the franchise justice and leaves the viewer wanting more and more hints to where the story will take the player with the experience it will promise. Combining this with the graphical and smooth feel of the PlayStation 4 will make every sense of the game feel real and crisp, graphically speaking.

We look forward to hearing and seeing more from Naughty Dog as they dangle the meat in front of the players who want the game from a two year wait from the previous instalment. Let’s hope they give as much as they are advertising!

Not seen the trailer? Check it out here:


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