Nvidia has released a beta driver for it’s new GTX 760 card. Despite being a beta it is the launch driver for the 760 and claims to fix many of the issues users were having with the 320.18 driver on other cards, such as system crashes and games crashing to the desktop. This has caused many users to stick with older drivers for increased stability.

The 320.49 beta boasts significant improvements for the previous GTX 660 too with a 20% improvement in Dirt Showdown, and a further 10% improvement on Metro: Last Light compared to the previous 320.18 driver. Also SLI performance on the 660 has been improved too offering a 5%-10% improvement in several games and an 18% increase in performance on Tomb Raider.

It’s nice to see Nvidia supporting some of their older cards as well as their newer ones, the 660 is a very good card for the price and these continued driver improvements will help too. However if we’ve seen a 760 then how long until we see a 760ti? Something to keep an eye on in the coming months we think.

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