Intel Non-K Processors Can Now Be Overclocked On Z170 – BIOS Files Inside


ASUS Z170 Motherboards

Motherboard Model  BIOS 
Maximus VIII Extreme 1) 0001
2) 0002
Maximus VIII Formula 1) 0002
Maximus VIII Hero 1) 0001
2) 0002
Maximus VIII Hero Alpha 1) 0002
Maximus VIII Ranger 1) 0001
2) 0002
Maximus VIII Gene 1) 0001
2) 0002
Maximus VIII Impact 1) 0001
2) 0002
Z170-A 1) 0050
Z170-Deluxe 1) 0050
Z170-E 1) 0050
Z170 Pro Gaming 1) 1301


Revision Notes:
1) Original release of Non-K BIOS
2.1) Added support for XP
2.2) Added Maximus VIII Formula
2.3) Added VIII Hero Alpha



  1. anything for a z170i pro gaming? they are coming out of the box with 18xx ver BIOS that prevents flashing to any of the non-K OC BIOS I can find out there

  2. Can anyone let me know if I can use any of the BIOS versions for my GIGABYTE Z170X Ultra Gaming MOBO. Thanks

    • I don’t think so unfortunately 🙁 – Brendan listed every BIOS he could personally get his hands on and although MOST are listed, I believe a couple of models weren’t around…or at least BIOS files weren’t around at the time of this 🙁

  3. Is there a bios version for GIGABYTE Z170X Ultra Gaming to overclock a non K cpu (i5 6500)

    • The Z170 unlock was patched after Intel insisted very soon after it was noticed, so you would need to find the specific BIOS version for your board and even then it’s not recommended since it could also mean that security updates introduced later are not going to be available for that patch.

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